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Who We Are

We are a laid back group of clinicians and support staff practicing our craft together in a group. We bring our diverse backgrounds and experiences together to support mental health and wellness. Our collective orientation is mindfulness based and our perspectives are trauma informed. This doesn’t mean we’re a bunch of meditating, spiritual, full on woo folks, but we all practice and engage in self-development with open hearts and minds.

We’re on the Lookout

We are always on the lookout for happy, personable, grounded humans who happen to be highly-skilled, competent, and independently oriented mental health professionals. If you still require supervision, we can work with you and support you in your professional development.

If you would enjoy:

Setting your own schedule and having a manageable (for you) caseload
Having supportive colleagues you can engage and consult with
Letting someone else handle the business backend for you so you can show up, be a kick-ass therapist, submit your notes, invoice and be done
Having a turn-key set-up with support including EHR, a central business phone and email system, and insurance credentialing and billing handled
Having an existing referral stream, scheduling coordinator, and intake process ready to go
Competitive compensation

We might have the perfect position for you!

Since we’re contract based, we’re open to supporting individuals seeking part-time (10 weekly sessions, 40 monthly sessions) through full-time (up to 25 weekly, 100 monthly) work. If that’s you, we welcome your application.

We compensate using a commission-based reimbursement rate for clinical hours, as well as provide an admin rate for specific, non-clinical tasks (meetings, trainings specific to our practice, etc.). Depending on the number of sessions and exact session rates, our expected pay range starts at $28,000 for part-time hours [10 weekly, 40 monthly, 480 annually].

If that sounds like you, we welcome your application. We might have the perfect position for you!

About Andrew and Mindful Counseling PLLC

Hi, my name is Andrew Burdette. I’m a mental health therapist, and the owner and clinical director of Mindful Counseling PLLC. We’re based in Asheville, but our diverse team provides telehealth services across all of North Carolina. As states permit, some of our providers are able to provide telehealth services to additional states.
I am looking to grow my team by adding experienced mental health professionals interested in part- through full-time contract work with flexible hours. I’m excited to learn more about you, but first let me share with you a bit more about Mindful Counseling PLLC, our core values, and our treatment philosophy so you can decide if our practice sounds like a good fit.
Our team members come from unique backgrounds, training orientations, modalities, and treatment approaches. Our view is that diversity creates strength and we highly value the range of experiences and perspectives others share with us. Regardless of modality or orientation, our team members approach our clients and the work done together as a collaborative, holistic, and transformational process. Our work is trauma-informed and grounded in mindfulness. We educate and empower our clients through skill building, integration work, and assist them with insight development and application for creating a healthier, happier future for themselves.
Our practice is a participating provider with several commercial insurance and employee assistance programs (EAP) companies. We are not currently a participating provider for Medicaid or Medicare, which limits or prevents us from working with clients receiving either of those benefits. Many of our providers are also out-of-network providers for companies we currently do not contract with.
We do our best to provide all of the tools and support needed for you to focus on your work as a therapist. We have full insurance credentialing and billing support as well as an admin / scheduling coordinator handling new client inquiries. We provide an electronic health records (EHR) system with all of the forms, assessments, and tools needed for documentation, scheduling, and client management. Additionally, we have a phone and email system that is HIPAA and HITECH compliant available to all providers. Lastly, although we’re primarily a telehealth based provider, we do have limited office space available for in-person sessions in Asheville, NC. (Depending on how our group grows in the future, additional brick and mortar locations may be established in other areas in NC.)
If you’re thinking this isn’t for you, thank you for your time. If you are still interested, there’s more below about who we’re looking for.
We are looking for therapists (counselors, marriage and family therapists, social workers, psychologists) that have solid therapy skills and an identified set of clients you work well with. It’s perfectly fine to have a set of clients that aren’t in your wheelhouse as well (that’s a sign of maturity as a professional). Knowing your expertise, passion, and limits is important to reduce the likelihood of burnout and also to best serve our clients. It’s okay if you don’t work well with eating disorders but do work well with anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, or something else. We ask that you know yourself and are able to recognize when an individual or client deserves a referral to a provider that is a better match.
We’re less concerned with how recently you’ve graduated or whether you’re still practicing under supervision, and more concerned about your depth of experience working with others as a helping professional. Your life experience outside of work matters, as does work you’ve done prior to your graduate training or licensure.
At the moment, if you’re brand new in the field and newly licensed, we may not be able to provide you with the level of support you need to hone in your skill set as a clinician. If you feel that your previous experiences reflect a deeper understanding of the needs of clinical work (such as prior health care or related experience), please feel free to apply. As the practice grows, we hope to be able to provide higher levels of support for newly minted clinicians and interns. If our team feels you need more support than we can provide you at our size, we’ll let you know and likely be able to offer some recommendations for other groups or agencies that may provide you the support you need.
While we are not always a fan of having to use diagnoses and the medical model, we believe in providing ethical care to all our clients. We support personal growth and wellness-oriented clients but believe it is our responsibility to diagnose when appropriate. It is what distinguishes clinical work from coaching or consulting (which we think is really valuable and awesome too). It is also required to establish medical necessity for third parties (insurance, etc.) to pay for services, thus requiring a diagnosis.
If you’re not willing to diagnose when appropriate (which is relevant much of the time, even if it’s a Z code), consider finding a role in a non-clinical setting. There are excellent training and certification programs for coaches and coaching.
Clinical skills aside, we are interested in who you are as your own person, how you interact with others on our team, and in your work with clients.
To quote my graduate school faculty, the “quality of the therapeutic relationship” is the most important aspect of therapy. You can be the best CBT clinician, have invented the next EMDR or DBT, but if your people skills suck your clients aren’t going to get better. Knowing how you work with others in and out of clinical settings, your strengths and weaknesses, and who you do and don’t click with are all crucial skills for providing quality care for others.
I would much rather have someone awesome at working with 2 or 3 specific specific populations than someone who thinks they can fix and heal all of humanity. I also want a team of people that gets along well with one another, even if we’re all not going to be BFFs. We are a collaborative team doing the work of learning more about ourselves and developing our skills in and out of the therapy room.

Still with me? Awesome and thanks! Breathe for a minute, take a sip of coffee, nibble on some chocolate.

We may not be for you if …

You don’t want to network, market, or participate in our community

Networking isn’t about sales, it’s simply about introducing yourself to others and sharing a little about yourself.
Marketing simply means sharing with the world that you exist and provide services. Much of what’s needed in our field is creating a few profiles on therapist directories, mentioning you have openings to community members, and … that’s about it. We handle some of this for you so you don’t have to build referral networks with doctors offices, etc.
Being an active member within our professional community helps support you and the mental health field at large. This can simply be peer consultation groups, networking events, smaller things and not presenting at conferences and attending large events.

You want to work with acute patients with chronic issues

We’re small, outpatient, and primarily telehealth based and thankful agencies, community mental health, and acute care settings exist.
If the population(s) you are most passionate about require more than 2 outpatient sessions weekly on a recurring basis, or require an ongoing coordination of care across disciplines (such as psychiatric providers, medical, etc.) you should consider working in one of the settings listed above.

You never want to discuss money with clients

The money talk is a part of private practice, even if it’s just in limited terms.
If setting a sliding scale rate with a client, or discussing an unanticipated issue with insurance coverage and deciding what to do going forward is something you are not comfortable with, private practice at a group or solo practice is likely not for you.
As therapists, we have the most rapport with our clients and the soft communication skills needed to confront clients as required in the course of our work in a compassionate way.

You don’t want to be a part of a team or workplace culture

I get it … I got into doing this because I like to do my own thing too … AND
Myself and my team members value collaboration, peer support, and feeling as though we have colleagues. We’re not necessarily all going to hang out outside of work all of the time, but a sense of belonging is important to the culture of Mindful Counseling PLLC.

You plan to start your own solo practice in the next 12-18 months

It takes 3-6 months to fully onboard new clinicians, add them to insurance panels, teach them how to manage the many processes of working within our group, and assist you in building a caseload. Reading this lengthy job description and completing the follow-up questionnaire could be considered first steps in that process.
If you plan to go out on your own, let's talk about how I can help support you in getting there.
If someday you want your own thing, but have no idea when that might be or if you really do want to do the business side of things, let’s chat as it’s still likely we can work together.

Keys to success in our practice

You know your own limitations and know when you need to slow down or pause.
You know you don’t know things and ask questions. We’re not upset if you have questions … it’s important to ask them so something preventable doesn’t happen.
You model to your clients quality self-care, boundary setting, and clear and effective communication.
You’re organized with your time and tasks - structuring your time is crucial as you will set and manage your own schedule with clients.
You have a sense of humor and can laugh at yourself - we’re all beings having a human experience and we’re all learning … being able to pause and not take everything too seriously is important.
You’re independent and want to work in a fairly autonomous way with administrative and billing support. We also support one another clinically but we’re not yet big enough to support individuals currently in school or brand new to the healthcare and medical fields.
You care about your colleagues, their lives, and their well-being and happiness.
You’re willing to communicate with clients as needed between sessions, handle rescheduling, check in, etc.
You’d like to get to know other professionals in our field and in adjacent disciplines.
You feel gratitude for others and share this appreciation with them from time to time.
You’re willing to share your insights and perspectives on how we as a group can do better, in how we work together, with clients, or in other ways.

Thank You

You made it to the end of this long post. Thank you and thank you for taking the time to make it here! If you made it this far and are interested in this position, please follow these instructions to initiate the application process.
Send an email to:
[email protected] with the subject line "Contract Clinician Position at MCPLLC"
Within the email, include a few sentences about why you are interested and applying to work with us
Attach your resume as a PDF named in the following way:
(First_Initial)(Last_Name)-Resume.pdf  [mine would be named ABurdette-Resume.pdf]

Thanks and I look forward to meeting you soon!

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