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Mindfulness counseling and therapy services in Asheville and online for North Carolina


Someone once shared the following with me:
If there’s a word for it, someone has likely already lived through it.
That means whatever you’re experiencing, whatever you’ve been through, it has a name.
It also means someone else can relate to you, your story, and your experiences.
It means there’s help.

It means you are not alone.

It’s normal to need some help from time to time. We’re grateful you are here and we are here to help.

Who We Are

We are a team of therapists who believe you have the capacity to heal. We also believe you and everyone has a right to feel okay, to feel safe and supported, and be healthy and well.

Our team represents a diverse range of experiences and expertise to help you in your healing process. While we each have our own styles, approaches, and quirks, we each incorporate mindfulness in our work with clients.

A value of ours is to make our services accessible to everyone, and we seek to accommodate individuals with a wide range of needs. We do our best to be sensitive to those with trauma backgrounds and use evidence based practices from development and trauma informed perspectives.
Meet Our Team

Our Services

Our therapists and counselors treat a number of mental health challenges including:

Anxiety Therapy
Depression Therapy
Trauma and PTSD Therapy
Stress and Stress Management
Life Transitions
Online Therapy
In Person Therapy
Emotional Intelligence and Development
Existential Crisis and (re)Integration

We provide in person therapy and counseling in Asheville, North Carolina and offer online therapy to anyone across North Carolina and some additional states. Our team members are trained and skilled in telehealth online therapy.

Mindfulness Counseling and Therapy

All of our therapists are trained and practice mindfulness on a daily basis. Although they overlap, mindfulness and meditation are not the same so don’t be afraid that we’re going to recommend you start meditating (although it could be helpful too). Also, if mindfulness isn’t your thing, that’s fine too, we’re just happy to share a little bit about it with you since you’re here.

Mindfulness is simply bringing awareness to the present moment and accepting that what is at the present is. That last component, the acceptance piece, is often the most challenging. Mindfulness is not about what comes after awareness and acceptance, but merely a check-in and status update to what your experience is at present. From this perspective and space, one can then make choices with insight that will likely be more aligned with what your needs are, what is asking for attention, and are informed from a more wholistic, integrated view. 

Mindfulness plus action is a powerful approach to change and healing.

Insurance and Fees

We are an in-network provider with:

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Federal Employee Blue Cross Blue Shield
Lyra Health
North Carolina State Employee Plan
United Healthcare

For more details about insurance and for our cash pay rates, please click below for our FAQ page.
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