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Someone once offered the following perspective:
If there’s a word for it, someone has likely already lived through a similar experience.
That means whatever you’re going through, whatever you’ve been through, it has a name.
It also means that someone can relate to your story, your experience, and help you move through it or move on from it.
It means you are not alone.

Who We Are

We are a team of therapists who believe you have the capacity to heal. We also believe you and everyone has a right to feel okay, to feel safe and supported, and be healthy and well. Our team has a diverse range of experience and expertise to help you in your healing process. Although we each have our own approaches, styles, and quirks, each of our perspectives is mindfulness based and trauma informed.
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What We Offer

A value of ours is to make our services accessible to everyone, and we seek to accommodate individuals with a wide range of needs. Most of our work is via telehealth, serving all of North Carolina and on a limited basis, to other states as well. Our practice provides a limited number of in-person sessions at our Asheville office locations. To support individuals with insurance coverage, we are in-network with several companies, and support out-of-network access for other plans.


Mindfulness is simply bringing awareness to the present moment and accepting that what is at the present is. That last component, the acceptance piece, is often the most challenging. Mindfulness is not about what comes after awareness and acceptance, but merely a check-in and status update to what your experience is at present. From this perspective and space, one can then make choices with insight that will likely be more aligned with what your needs are, what is asking for attention, and are informed from a more wholistic, integrated view. Mindfulness plus action is a powerful approach to change and healing.
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372 Depot St Ste 20 Asheville NC 28801

372 Depot St Ste 20
Asheville NC 28801

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