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Andrew Burdette

I believe what we need most to heal is already within us. Often our most positive, lasting outcomes happen when we explore what we most avoid or fear to be negative. Working with these aspects leads to true transformation. We thrive when we are liberated from the desire to be free of our emotions, tune into them, and allow them to be fully experienced.

Justina Janda

As a result of what I have experienced in my own journey, I can empathize with many of the deep challenges in other’s lives. I see my role as a therapist as someone who helps uncover the layers that are hiding the light that one already has within. It is my greatest wish for those that I work with to come to this recognition for themselves, and to stand confident in their own light!

Samuel Barr

I'm Sam Barr, and I'm honored to be on this adventure with you. As a mindfulness-based counselor, I am deeply committed to helping individuals navigate through life's challenges with compassion, understanding, and healing. I believe in the power of mindfulness to cultivate awareness, resilience, and transformation so that we can access our present-moment experience to free ourselves from the patterns of thought, emotion, and behaviors that we want to change.

Shawna Ohle

I offer person-centered, strengths-based counseling, that is trauma-informed and trauma-specific. We will work together to find therapeutic modalities that feel like the best fit for you. I have experience working with people living with anxiety, depression, trauma, and chronic stress. My aim is to create a safe, non-judgmental space in which we are able to work together to meet your goals, whatever your experience is.

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