Andrew Burdette

Andrew N Burdette




Existential Issues
Life Transitions
Substance Abuse


Mindfulness Based
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
Motivational Interviewing (MI)

North Carolina • Florida

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor
(NC LCMHC 14600)

National Certified Counselor
(NCC ‍1091976)

TLHT Licensed Mental Health Counselor
(FL ‍TPMC2566)

Professional Counselor Telehealth Provider
(SC TLC 586 PC)

EMDR Trained Clinician (2020)

Appalachian State University (2018)

Master of Arts - Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Graduate Certificates

Addiction Counseling
Systemic Multicultural Counseling

University of North Carolina - Asheville (2015)

Bachelor's of Arts - Psychology

Proud Member of TherapyDen
Hi, welcome, and thanks for visiting my little bio page. I’m Andrew and I am a lot of things to a lot of people - partner, friend, family member, fly fisher, film nerd, cheap audiophile, therapist, professional counselor, substance abuse professional, clinical director, entrepreneur, business owner.

Adulting is hard, keeps me busy - sometimes on my toes and other times it almost lays me flat. Sometimes it comes with lots of feels, sometimes they’re loud, and they don’t always feel good. Chances are you feel in a similar way. You’re also probably doing a better job at it than you give yourself credit for.

Somewhere in my journey further into adulthood, I wanted to find a way to not feel so terrified of experiencing my own emotions. I think Kevin’s lyric goes something like wanting to be free of wanting to be free of your emotions. (k-os the mirror) Anyways, without getting lost in song lyrics, learning to live in peace with my own experiences was a new adventure and seemed worth trying out.

I’ve had mixed experiences with therapy in the past as client. Sometimes it’s been me and being too rigid or not open to change, and other times it’s been lacking a good fit with my therapist. Client - Therapist fit is real, and it matters more than what education, training, or super skills someone has. I’ve had many not so great fits and 1 or 2 therapist match-ups that have truly been life changing. Also, I encourage you not to discount the transformative power of other genres of healers - the yogi, the acupuncturist, the barista at your local coffee shop ... sometimes the right help assumes some unexpected forms.

I enjoy working with others and helping them realize their own potential for healing and well-being. I work well with anxiety, overwhelming life transitions, self-esteem and identity, and with relationship quality and health. Through my experience and training, I have also developed mindfulness and trauma informed lenses and skill sets that much of my work with clients is rooted in. My education and training reflects building a diverse and effective toolbox, and our work together will be helping you learn these tools and how to use and apply these tools to your daily life.

If you’re still reading this, thanks for taking the time and making it to the end. I look forward to working with you.

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