Payment Information

Please note:

I am currently only providing telehealth sessions until further notice.

As a telehealth provider, I am able to see anyone in North Carolina.

I am currently accepting new clients and am willing and able to accommodate you at a rate you can afford if you are without insurance. I am an in-network service provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medcost, both of which are currently covering telehealth services.

If you reside outside of North Carolina and are interested in potentially working with me, please contact me and I can verify with the licensing board of your state about whether I am permitted to offer counseling to you in the state you reside.

Please contact me to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

I recently became an in-network provider for MedCost and anticipate becoming an in-network provider with Blue Cross Blue Shield. I also accept private pay clients (where you pay me directly without the involvement of a third-party payor).

Below is a discussion of the advantages of private pay versus insurance. I am willing to and encourage you to choose the option (private pay versus insurance) that you feel most aligned with and is most cost effective.

The value of your investment:

Individuals investing in their own well-being tend to have greater positive outcomes than those who receive services for free. The investment often provides individuals with an incentive to engage in treatment and integrate the treatment goals into their daily lives. Keep in mind the immediate expense of therapy is an investment in your long-term health and well-being. Investing in your future can lead to lasting, positive changes and greater resilience over your lifespan.

Potential reduced cost for services:

Some insurance plans have a high deductible which must be met before the company will consider providing reimbursement for services. Insurance providers often require in-network service providers to charge a fixed rate for services, initially charging the clients the full expense and then the plan’s specific co-pay once the deductible has been met. By being an out-of-network provider, I am free to establish rates on a client by client basis. Depending on the rate we agree upon, the length of time treatment lasts, and the details of your insurance plan, it is possible you may have/incur less out-of-pocket expenses than it would cost use your insurance.

Added confidentiality and privacy:

When claims are not being submitted to an insurance company (or other third-party payer), the content of our work together remains between us (unless required by law in limited circumstances).

Use of diagnosis:

Reimbursement by insurance (or other third-party payer) for mental health treatment generally requires a diagnosis for therapy to be covered. Issues such as life stress, personal growth, relationship challenges, and other very common challenges in life may not be covered by insurance. Many of the reasons people seek help from a therapist are to develop more effective coping skills for addressing common stressors and experiences encountered in life. Diagnosis has the potential to stigmatize and pathologize the limits of our coping skills and responses to handling challenging life situations. Regardless of whether you submit claims to your insurance provider, if a mental health diagnosis is appropriate, I will inform you and we will discuss this in session.

Duration of treatment:

Third-party payers have a vested interest in the nature of treatment as a financially interested participant. This often influences the duration of treatment (typically by limiting the number of sessions), treatment focus (which may differ from your primary focus for therapy), frequency of sessions, and additional modalities for treatment you may wish to include. As a private pay client, you have control over all of these aspects of your treatment.

Can I still file my own claim directly to my insurance provider?

I am able to provide what is called a superbill if you would like to submit your own claim for reimbursement to your insurance company. It is your responsibility to contact your insurance company to verify that they will reimburse you for mental health services. Please understand that by choosing to do so, a diagnosis may be applicable and required for reimbursement. This may have lasting consequences to your future insurance premiums or ability to obtain insurance.

Please contact me today at 828-767-3357 or to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.